TIMELESSNESS IN TIME: Know about the profoundest way the universe creates itself from the small to the large

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The fundamental ideas of the new theory

  • Universe uses a universal template behind the formation, evolution and decay of the cosmic objects.
  • A  timeless cosmic design holds the  mysetry of creation
  • The design is wound around a triple spiral, which drives the dynamics of birth, death and regeneration
  • The design is a fractal which means that the universe appears similar in micro and macro-scales
  • Everything in the universe, how small or large they be, are inseparably entangled together
  • What happens locally are governed by what happens globally and vice versa
  • The evolution and decay are consequences of evoultion of knots which lie at the basis of the cosmic design
  • Universe ejects structures and withdraws structures as rythm of creation and destruction, which must go hand in hand for the universe to maintain its enormously complex order subjected to intermittent chaos.
  • Through destructions creations emerge, and no creation can follow without annihilation of obejcts in other places.
  • Like Egyptian Bennu  bird, the universe emerges from itself from its own ashes again and again.
  • Universe is tied together in an unfathomably complex fractal loop, which has no beginning and end.
  • The universe images itself as a turbulent whirlpool and the dyanmics of turbulence plays a central role in maintaining the dynamics of creation.